Patriot understands the value of simplicity and convenience, especially when dealing with possible emergencies and new technology.

That is why everything is designed with the user in mind. They know that a complicated, unreliable product will not be used by the people that need it the most. They are proud to offer high quality products that are affordable and easy to use.

for facilities needing ambulance transport regularly

Avoid delays in finding and dialing phone numbers. Our auto-dial phones are typically used in high-traffic facilities to provide instant contact with the National Academy of Emergency Medical Dispatchers (NAEMD) for emergency and non-emergent response.

Medical Alert Unit

  • Plugs into phone line

  • Fall detection

  • Activity monitoring

  • When pushed, initiates connection between client and our staff

  • Initiates the need for assistance

The Medready PILLPAL
Locked Medication Dispenser

  • Holds up to 28 doses

  • Alerts up to 4 times per day

  • Has a 72 hour rechargeable, back-up battery

  • Alarm sounds similar in tone and volume to a beeping microwave alarm.

  • The alarm cycles on for 5 seconds and off for 1 second until disabled.

  • Audible alarm is 90dB, 2800-3000Hz.

  • A lower frequency option is approximately 400Hz.

  • If alarm goes unanswered, the call center will contact you.