Why Choose Us?

Trusted by Hospitals, Caregivers, Nursing Facilities, and Patients…Patriot Ambulance has been taking care of patients in Lower Michigan for more than 10 years, providing emergency response, routine medical transportation, and wheelchair service to thousands of grateful clients and families.

Always ready to respond to your needs, the highly trained and licensed professionals at Patriot Ambulance are known for providing the personal attention and quality care that you deserve.  Sometimes caregivers call us in the middle of the night just to help lift their loved one into bed. Other people call us to handle critical emergencies.  Whatever your needs are – you too can call Patriot Ambulance 24-hours a day – knowing that we have to resources to respond quickly and professionally.

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Who We Are

Patriot Ambulance is a veteran-owned company that is proud to employ more than 75 paramedics, emergency medical technicians, and other professionals who are ready to serve you day or night.  Owner, Jeff Yorke is a retired Deputy Sheriff Paramedic who works hard to make sure Patriot has great people providing quality service

We are Associated with Great Causes

We believe in partnering with great companies and organizations that are doing good works.